In some cases, students will be given the writing prompt and they will be expected to write an essay on the prompt. When students are asked to write a standardized test; it should not instill any form of fear in the minds of students. 

There are different categories of standardized essays. After you have chosen your take on a particular topic; you are expected to write my essay today properly. We shall be looking at details on what is expected to carry out an effective five-paragraph standardized essay.

There are three parts involved in the format of this category of essay. The parts include:

  • Introduction (one paragraph)
  • Body (three paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (one paragraph)
  • Let us take a look at what is expected from each of the sections.


This is a very important part of your essay where you are to introduce your ideas. It is a single paragraph that must contain the following important info:

– Describe what your essay is about in one sentence

– Write your thesis statement which is expected to be the basis of your essay

– List three points in order of importance that will appear in the body paragraphs which will support your thesis statement.

The above are the technical details that should form the basis of your introduction. 


The three points that are included in the introduction will be expanded upon in the body paragraphs. Each paragraph will be devoted to a particular point. The discussion on each of the points in each of the paragraph should follow this format: 

Begin with a topic sentence that will summarize your point. This will be the first sentence in your paragraph.

Write your point of view that is in support of your topic. Go on to give reasons why everyone should be in support of the idea.

Present the facts that are established to support your point of argument. It can come in the form of quotes, examples, and statistics.

There are three paragraphs involved in the body of the paragraph and it will detail the three points mentioned in the introduction.


The last of the five paragraphs is the conclusion. Here, students are expected to give a summary of the facts that were included in the introduction and the body paragraphs. This should not be a repetition of what you have written earlier; rather it is a brief of the highlights that were included in your paper. 

The thesis statement should be connected to the body of the essay and this should be compressed together in the conclusion of the essay. You are expected to sound convincing in the conclusion which will make your readers believe in the relevance of your essay.

Final thoughts

What you have above shows the best ways to outline your essay in a standardized form. Proofread the essay to make assurance doubly sure that it is error-free. You are going to score the high-grade marks after this has been said and done.