Come cool off at the Lake - 3 "cool" retreats - August, September, October

• Monday, July 27, 2015 •

The First Retreat, August 21 - 25:  The perfect chance to join other artists and writers fot an extended weekend retreat. An affordable artist & writer getaway, the structure of this retreat does not include workshops. It instead provides a time to discover the beauty of Lake Logan’s nearly 300 acres or pristine beauty and embrace a personal retreat with options for doing your artwork or creative writing.

Whether plein air painting, mixed media in the studio or creative writing in one of lodges or cabins, this time allows you to refresh the body, soul and spirit. Each day begins and ends with Yoga sessions led by Christopher Baxter, available for any who wish to be guided into yoga and breath-work used to unlock creativity. In addition to Yoga, CMA is also hosting Artist-in-residence painter Karen Weihs and Writer-in-Residence Poet Pat Riviere-Seel who will be available to engage, direct and facilitate artists and writers during the retreat. Evenings will be open for discussion groups and demonstrations led by Karen Weihs and Pat Riviere-Seel. Explore your creativity in a supportive environment. The total cost: $750; 5 days, 4 nights, all inclusive: Studio space, private room and bath in shared cottage, 3 meals with all day - beverage service, optional yoga sessions, guided work sessions and as much time as you need in quiet personal space. Canoeing and swimming are also available during the retreat. To register, follow this link.

The September & October Retreats  
Combining the essentials for a meaningful retreat with high level workshops

Leave the details of living behind and give yourself a creative retreat. Supported by the majesty of unspoiled nature you will be given the time and serenity to refill your creative well.  The intention for each retreat is to create an environment for reflection and space to assimilate what you are learning and taking in; allow a step-back from the classical workshop environment of intense focus and output. Instead, workshop time is combined with moments set aside for mindfulness, nature walks, yoga sessions, or sitting quietly in an inspired spot – all opportunities to re-fill the creative well. The Retreats + Workshops, 
lodging, dining, movement and mindfulness sessions, bonfires, and other activities all take place at the pristine Lake Logan Retreat Center in Canton, NC, approximately 40 miles west of Asheville, NC.  During your stay you will also have opportunities to enjoy quiet outdoor spaces,
wildlife walks, lake views, canoeing, and swimming.  

The September 11 – 16, 6-day, 5-night Retreat workshops taught by: 
instructor-artist Rebecca Crowell and author-poet-instructor Roger Housden
Spaces are still available. The all-inclusive price is $1549 - Follow this link for all the details.

The October 19 – 25, 7-day, 6-night Retreat workshops taught by: 
instructor-artist Lisa Pressman and author-instructor Laura Hendrie
Spaces are still available. The all-inclusive price is $1679 - Follow this link for all the details.

Team Teaching - The Magic of Artist/Friends, PART 1

• Monday, March 17, 2014 •

During the 2014 Cullowhee Mountain ARTS workshop season, there are some really special collaborations happening - team teaching with artist/friends. There is an incredible synergy that happens when artists "get" one another and when they bring this affinity to the classroom everyone benefits. 

 Here is a blog post that was just created as a collaboration between Rebecca Crowell and Janice Mason Steeves:
You will enjoy their conversation about the way their friendship has enhanced their studio experiences.

During the week of June 15 - 20 Rebecca and Janice will be teaching in adjacent classrooms. Both will be teaching their approaches to abstract painting with cold wax medium. Students in each class will benefit from their collaborative teaching times that will happen during the week. Check out the links to their workshops:

Rebecca Crowell - 

Janice Mason Steeves -

Tomorrow, another dynamic team - stay tuned!

October Gratitude

• Thursday, October 31, 2013 •

Today, October 31, is the last day of the National Arts and Humanities Awareness Month and the last day of the CMA membership drive month.

I want to  express my utmost gratitude to all who responded and let us at CMA know you agree with us - that the ARTS are vital but are not self-supporting. 

It takes personal investment and commitment to keep the ARTS vibrant and alive in our communities, in our country and in our world.

Everyone who "joined theParty" - the ARTS Party, hosted by CMA, has helped to make a difference. And if the falling of the leaves, the carving of pumpkins, the cutting of winter wood or the government shutdown  - whatever it may have been, kept you from making the commitment to become a CMA member, do not be dismayed! You can still “Join the Arts Party” now and make a membership pledge to CMA- just click here. 


Then watch for our new season of incredible art events and stellar artists waiting to bring fabulous workshops and their personal, rich art experiences in the art world to you! Cullowhee Mountain ARTS is about to unveil its 2014 Series of Artist Workshops, held at Western Carolina University. Following that look for our NEW artist retreats/workshops, creative writing and more, held a pristine Lake Logan in Western North Carolina.

The ARTS party has only just begun - Join in today!

Norma B Hendrix, The 4 Seasons; Autumn, 
32” x 16,” Mixed Media on Paper, 2013