Artist Workshops, Artist Retreats + Workshops
and Art Trips 
+ Workshops; held in inspiring locations - 
nationally and internationally

Cullowhee Mountain Arts is a non-profit organization whose mission is: 
To create vibrant arts learning communities with workshops taught by exceptional instructors at inspiring locations, from the mountains of Western North Carolina to sites across the country and the world.

Come. Learn. Create. Collaborate! 

ARTIST WORKSHOPS: Something close to miraculous happens when artists come together with this one common thread; sincere hunger to grow and expand through their art. 

Combining learning, mindfulness, presentations, creativity conversations, explorations, delicious meals and charming facilities, "Workshop + Retreat" are whole-artist experiences. 

WORKSHOP + TRIP: Artists love the combination of  learning through an inspiring Workshop while Traveling to another country.While we make art, but we also embrace the “art” of another culture. What a pleasure it is to create and explore with students from other points on the globe – and to make lasting friendships with artists in other countries.  

Cullowhee Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving artists
with a wide range of high quality Fine Arts 
workshop experiences
- nationally and internationally.

Complete 2019 Calendar
of Workshops
Soon to be Released


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