2014 Youth ARTS Programs
Our summer art camps allow young artists to explore a multitude of media and techniques while working toward an overall goal.
This summer we are combining art making, with, script writing, costuming, staging and performance. 


  •   July 8 & 9, 9am - noon
     "You are the Hero"

  Ages 5 - 8 | Tuition $60 - all materials included

Invent your own Super Hero! Then use clay to create their 3-dimensional characters - determining strengths and weaknesses for the story that you will write about your character. Then, create at least one 2-dimensional backdrop with markers or watercolors to create scenes that their characters are involved in. Pictures will be taken with their characters posing over these backdrops, printed, and made into a storybook for each child to take home. Click here to enroll your child

  •  July 10 & 11, 10am - 3pm   

  Ages 9 – 12 | Tuition $95 - all materials included

After discussing events such as the space race and moon landing, students will design their own exploration devices inspired by jetpacks. Each student will personalize their own jetpack inventions with varying materials/designs, as well as markers and the “power source.” They will be encouraged to consider how certain technological pieces work, including the inspiration of the costume piece they will be designing, the prototype of, and then creating the jetpack with the materials available. Click here to enroll your child