Cullowhee Mountain Arts - Jackson County Arts Council Scholarship
for Western North Carolina Artists and Art Educators

Former  Scholarship recipients (left to right) Kara Faust, Gayle Woody, Chris Bell

“Last year I was the recipient of a scholarship to a bookmaking workshop presented by Cullowhee Mountain Arts.
It was the most enriching experience for me as an artist that I have ever had the opportunity to participate in. 
I was able to grow in my personal expression through book arts under the direction of an internationally recognized book artist. 
Having a whole week to devote to creating art was a dream come true! I have used the skills and ideas with my high school art students
and it has enabled me to use a new art form with them.  I highly recommend this wonderful opportunity for teachers.”
                                                                                                                            Gail Woody (teacher of the year for Smoky Mountain High School)

CMA  Workshops are run for all levels of artist - designations are listed on each workshop webpage. 
Our master instructors provide supportive and stimulating workshop environments. 
Held in the spacious and well-equipped studios at Western Carolina University's School of Art & Design,

the workshops are relaxed, but structured to promote creativity, 
expanded skills and knowledge in a specific medium or discipline.   

Enjoy a lively and refreshing exchange of ideas among a variety of people from all over the country. 
Look at the line up of 16 workshop options in: Book Arts, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography and Printmaking 


Workshop Scholarships Available for Summer 2017

We want to help support artists in our region. Many of the counties in Western North Carolina have Tier 1 designations - most economically distressed.
 Together with a Grassroots Grant from the North Carolina Council for the Arts, awarded through the Jackson County Arts Council,
Cullowhee Mountain Arts has provided funding to match from our Fundraising efforts. 
This is allowing us to offer 8, 1/2 Tuition Scholarships

Applications deadline is May 10, 2017 
Scholarship winners and Assistantships will be announced May 25, 2017






Assistantships Available for Summer 2017

Two former Assistants; Sandee Johnson (left), Ansie Holman (right) enjoying their workshops 

The assistantship program helps provide high quality experiences to the instructors and workshop attendees as well at the assistants. The main job of the assistant is to aid the instructors in every way helping to make the workshop experience run smoothly  for all involved. In return, the artist receives the workshop at 60% off and enjoys the rich experiences that occur during the workshop week. Our workshops are taught by artists and writers of national/international reputation and provide valuable educational experiences for students and afford them connections with other artists or writers from other areas the country. Assistants from past years have had fabulous experiences and formed lasting relationships with other students and the instructor and had fun too


Duties of the Assistant

  • Be in communication with the instructor prior to the workshop.
  • Work with CMA staff to prepare the studio or room for the workshop week
  • Pick up from the CMA office handouts and the roster to have in room Monday morning
  • If needed, pick up the instructor at the Asheville airport as well as taking them back for their return flight
  • During the week assist the instructor with any logistics or help needed in the class or studio 
  • Be the point person for the instructor during the week, providing a ride to the grocery store, etc. when needed 
  • Share "coffee making duties" with other assistants during the workshop week

Assistantships are available on an as-need basis. 
Assistants must live within an hour of the campus of WCU or be willing to stay on campus during the workshop week.
Applications for Assistantships are due by May 10, 2017.
Assistantships will be announced May 25, 2017