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  • 2019 Summer Arts - Chris Liberti

    Formal Elements Through Direct Observation

    June 24 - 28, 2019

    Medium: Painting
    Level: All Levels
    Tuition: $645 
    Lab Fee: $45

    The class will be held outdoors for as long as we can stand the elements. If weather does not cooperate we will move indoors to work from still life and or interiors.

    We are concerned with capturing the essence of nature. We will be engaged in the fundamentals of perceptual painting: spots/masses of color, value, light, space, composition and surface. These foundations cannot be ignored. They will give us a stronger foothold of our craft and the confidence in proceeding towards our own individual artistic ends. 

    We’ll begin our days with intuitive plein air studies, with a focus on the abstract elements within our motifs. This will help us recognize and understand our instinctive impressions, revealing what is essential in describing the landscape/subject.  We will seek out through careful observation, the abstract foundations that anchor successful compositions.

    The formal language of painting will be emphasized through direct observation, engaging ourselves with the subject matter. There will  be exercises in value and color relationships enabling us to become acutely aware of what we are seeing and feeling. I’ll facilitate how we can consciously and with confidence make color and value decisions from each painting’s conception. I’ll discuss and demonstrate various paint application methods intended to help maintain visual interest while allowing the painting to stay “open” from start to finish. I will continually emphasize that we allow our intuitions and curiosities lead the way but that color, value, form, light and space will be the building blocks of each painting.

    I will encourage and support each of you to work towards your own perceptions. This will be a one on one experience catered to your own interests.

    Liberti was born in Buffalo, New York (1974), and studied Fine Arts/Painting & Urban Planning at Buffalo State College where he earned his BS. He studied with the painter Jim Phalen, formerly a student of Bay Area painter, Paul Wonner. He was employed as a decorative painter and muralist in New York City from 1999-2007, working on projects such as the Russian Tea Room and Waldorf Astoria. His work has been presented in group and solo shows throughout the U.S in California, New York, Virginia, Ohio, Georgia and North Carolina. Chris has been teaching painting workshops throughout the US and Europe. His work is collected by private and corporate collectors both nationally and internationally. He maintains a studio and resides with his wife and two daughters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    He has a solo show scheduled for May of 2019 at the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis CA.

    Chris was recently featured as a guest on the Savvy Painter podcast, you can listen here to find out more about the artist -


    Student Supply List: (Oil painting is preferred but acrylic is also welcome)
    • Portable easel
    • Sun hat, sunscreen, bug spray
    • 1 Art book with color images (Choose one of your favorite artist book)
    • Assortment of brushes (3-5), sizes 6 - 20 (synthetic) Suggested brushes: Princeton Umbria, Loew Cornell 7100 stroke, Raphael Kaerell, Size 30 Catalyst brush by Princeton.
    • Pallet knife
    • Silicone wedge or a spatula.
    • Purdy/Symphony plaster tool set for a scraper/applicator.
    • Plein air solvent jar w/ lid.
    • Rags
    • Pallet – Masterson preferred    
    • 8 gessoed canvases (linen) or wood (birch/masonite) panels, sizes ranging from 12” to 18” - consider your sizes and weights as we will be painting outdoors. Un-stretched linen is preferred, these can be taped to a board for a working surface. You can do a wash of warm or cool neutral color (burnt sienna, raw umber) if you prefer prior to the workshop.
    • Paint Colors (not all required, bring what you’re comfortable using and or pick from the list below): Titanium white, Unbleached titanium (Williamsburg), Naples yellow, Red Ocher, Raw Sienna, Cad Yellow, Cad Red light, Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Madder brown (Rembrandt), Van Dyke Brown, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Prussian blue, Ultramarine blue, Phthalo blue, Phthalo green, Cad Green, Sap Green, Veridian Green, Transparent brown oxide.
    • Optional: Easel umbrella, a painting that you don’t mind painting over.


    Refund Policies:
    Summer Workshops
    • A full refund is made when a student registers for a workshop that is canceled by Cullowhee Arts or already full at the time of registration.
    • An email or letter of cancellation is required for withdrawals. Students who withdraw before April 30 receive a refund of the workshop deposit less a 25% registration & processing fee. Any housing and meal deposits will be refunded in full.
    • If a cancellation is made after April 30, the deposit is forfeited, but a credit for the amount may be applied to another workshop that same calendar year. You may also transfer your deposit to a friend or family member for that same calendar year or make a  tax deductible donation  to Cullowhee Arts. (There are some workshops that may have earlier cut off dates due to demand - this will be noted in your confirmation email).
    • We strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance from your travel agent in the event an unforeseen medical emergency. 

    Photo Policy

    • Cullowhee Arts may at times use photographs and/or video recordings of employees and students for purposes of publications and other media. Names and other identifying information will not be published.
    • Should an individual NOT want to be photographed or recorded they must contact Cullowhee Arts, and are responsible for removing themselves from areas in which photography is taking place, or notify the camera operator of their opt-out status. 

    Workshop package #1  
    On campus Lodging: single room/bath housing in shared townhouse, opening Sunday evening reception, daily healthy catered lunch buffets, and two group dinners - (more on lodging/meals)
    Workshop $645
    Lab Fee $45
    Single Lodging: W/ Daily Catered
    Lunches, Sunday Evening Opening Reception, 
    2 Group Dinners

    Double Occupancy listed in Purchase Options below (must have roommate pre-arranged) 

    Workshop package #2
    Commuter price includes:  Sunday evening opening reception, daily catered lunches and two group dinners

    Workshop $645
    Lab Fee $45
    W/Daily Catered Lunches, Sunday Evening Opening Reception, 2 Group Dinners

    • Enrollment Options
      50% Deposit Liberti Workshop,Lab Fee, On Campus Single Lodging and Meal Plan $692.50
      50% Deposit Liberti Workshop,Lab Fee, On Campus Double Lodging and Meal Plan $627.50
      50% Deposit Liberti Commuter Workshop,Lab Fee, Meals $435
      Payment in Full: Liberti Commuter Workshop,Lab Fee, Meals $1385
      Payment in Full: Liberti Workshop,Lab Fee, On Campus Double Lodging/Meal Plan $1255
      Payment in Full: Commuter Liberti Workshop, Lab Fee, Meal Plan $870
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