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  • 2018 Summer Arts - Pamela Caughey

    Master Class - Oil/Cold Wax

    June 17 — 22, 2018
    Medium: Oil & Cold Wax         
    Level:  Advanced
    Cost: $1,195 price includes tuition & healthy, catered lunches each day

    To apply, please fill out this form and email to - You do not need to pay or register to apply. 

    Applications Deadline -  January 20, 2018

    This workshop is for artists who have been painting for a minimum of 2 years, have a good understanding of the cold wax/oil medium process of adding and subtracting paint, but need help in learning how to develop and finish their paintings with strong design and personal color. This workshop provides a crucial step in your growth as an artist as it requires you “push out of your comfort zone”, whether that be a “go to” color palette, favorite tools, familiar surfaces, or formulaic ways of working. Introducing unfamiliarity and pushing through stale boundaries requires courage and an explorative and experimental attitude; it requires risk.  It also asks you to “let go” of what you already know to a certain extent, so you can explore the unknown. Each artist will be asked to work in ways that are contrary to their normal working method, in a “playful” and fun way. This will create new and challenging “problems”. By going in a direction that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable, you learn even more about what you love-because it is what you love that will save you, again and again and allow you to solve your problems in a way that is uniquely - YOU.  Knowing what you LOVE is the missing piece in learning how to finish your paintings so they are uniquely you; ie, no one in the world can paint what you feel. I will ask you probing questions as you progress and we’ll document your progress.

    In addition, we will further explore and dissect the design elements and continue to refine by exploring the design principles (ie, rhythm, unity, balance, repetition, harmony, dominance, variation, etc.). We will use this information to work on older paintings you bring in, perhaps ones you were stuck on in the past. We will spend a large proportion of time working 1:1, talking about your work. This class is smaller in size, which allows me to spend more time with each artist, and also allows students to learn a great deal from each other’s methods of problem solving.

    If you are open to four days of pushing yourself in new directions, letting go of “familiar” and taking a walk on the wild and unfamiliar side, you will find yourself reinvigorated, surprised, excited, exhausted, and happy you took this Master Class! Expect to be challenged.

    Pamela Caughey has been a professional artist for over 30 years, and has been teaching both at the University level and more recently, workshops here and abroad since receiving her MFA in 2010. Her contemporary abstract   work is exhibited widely and is in the permanent collections of several museums and corporations here and abroad. She specializes in four mediums: cold wax/oil, encaustic, encaustic monotype and mixed media. Two of her cold wax paintings are included in the newly published book by Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin, “Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts, Conversations." She specializes in helping artists find their unique, creative voice by condensing into a 4 or 5 days workshop, what she taught during a 13 week university level course in the fundamentals of 2D design and color. This workshop is for ANY artist who asks, "what's next?", "now what?", and "is it finished?

    To apply, please fill out this form and email to 

    Notification of application results will be sent  after January 20
    • A full refund is made when a student registers for a workshop that is canceled or already full at the time of registration.
    • An email or letter cancellation is required for withdrawals. Students who withdraw before April 30 receive a refund of the workshop deposit less a 25% registration & processing fee. Any housing and meal deposits will be refunded in full.
    • If a cancellation is made after April 30, the deposit is forfeited, but a credit for the amount may be applied to another workshop that same calendar year. You may also transfer your deposit to a friend or family member for that same calendar year or make a  tax deductible donation  to Cullowhee Mountain ARTS. (There are some workshops that may have earlier cut off dates due to demand - this will be noted in your confirmation email.
    • Students who withdraw after May 1 even if workshop was paid in full, receive  no refund  but can transfer to another workshop during the calendar year or transfer their deposit to a friend or family member for that same calendar year or make a  tax deductible donation  to Cullowhee Mountain ARTS. 
    • We strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance from your travel agent in the event an unforeseen medical emergency.
    Workshop package #1  
    all inclusive with on campus single room/bath housing in shared townhouse,
    daily healthy catered lunch buffets, and two group dinners - (more on lodging/meals)
    Workshop $1,000
    Lab Fee $45
    Lodging/ Lunches,
    2 Group Dinners
     Price: $1,695
    Workshop package #2 
    commuter price, with daily lunches and two group dinners
    Workshop $1,000
    Lab Fee $45
    Daily Lunches + 2 Group Dinners $150

    *Double rooms are available, please contact us at

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