The Arts - 4 Great Reasons to "Get on Board"

• Tuesday, August 12, 2014 •

There are less than 10 more days left to purchase tickets for the Cullowhee Mountain Arts "Drawings for Art" annual fundraiser

For as little as $20 you have the opportunity to have your ticket drawn on August 21, and become the recipient of one or more pieces of art, generously donated by our 2014 Summer Faculty - all artists of national and international reputations. Wow!

...and you will be supporting Cullowhee Mountain ARTSthe non-profit committed to supporting the personal and professional development of every artist and writer, whatever their level, by providing the setting and facilities for intense learning, art making and writing -- all shared in community.

Here are 4 great reasons why supporting the arts is such an important and enriching thing to do:

1. Stimulates the Economy

Not only do patrons of the arts spend money on the event they are attending, but they also tend to spend an average of $24.60 per person per event at local shops and restaurants. Patrons often visit longer which in turn causes them to spend more money at local businesses because patrons of the arts seek out more culturally authentic experiences. If a successful art venue is created it will attract more new businesses, create new jobs, and support existing businesses. 

2. Improves Quality of Life

Having an active artistic community creates a more vibrant way of life for those in the surrounding areas and makes the community more attractive to both current and future residents and employees. Artistic influences increase academic performance, stimulate creative thinking, enhance problem solving skills, and encourage team building.

3. Healing Benefits

Art therapy is becoming more widely used and the use of art with patients has been shown to lead to shorter hospital stays. It also increases better pain management, improves mental health, and decreases use of medication. Even though Art Therapy is a very powerful tool,  just having access to art and creating art will result in a healthier, happier lifestyle. 

4. Social Impact 

Art bridges gaps between cultures, integrates people regardless of religion, ethnicity, and race. The impact art has on our social well being is incredible. Studies have shown that a community with a higher concentration of art has lower poverty rates, increased social cohesion, higher civic engagement, lower student drop out rates and higher GPA's. 

Sadly, the arts are not self-supporting!

In a wonderful article entitled "Giving Money to the Arts Does Not Make You Evil," Jennifer Rivera explains the importance of supporting the arts:

"In the United States, if people do not support the arts with charitable donations, not only will the arts not thrive, they cannot really exist. Art organizations already have little to no government support, but they cannot operate with standard business models in order to make a profit because that defeats the purpose of making something artistic as opposed to making something that is just commercial."

Please take a moment to support CMA - it is as easy as a click of this link and selecting the art work/s you would like to have in your home or office. 


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