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  • 2019 August Lake Logan Retreat - Nimmer, Gruskin Workshops





    6-Day, 5-Night all inclusive
    Artist Retreat with Workshops
    At Beautiful Lake Logan Retreat Center, 
    Canton, North Carolina 

    August 11 - 16, 2019

    Cost –  $1,995 – inclusive: Tuition, Lodging, Meals,
    Workshop, all other programs 


    Dean Nimmer:  Mixed Media 
    "Metamorphosis - Realism to Abstraction"

    Materials fee: $45 

    Nancy Gruskin: Perceptual Painting
    "Observation, Abstraction & Invention: Still Life and the Figure"

    Materials fee: $45

    Leave the details of life behind and give yourself a creative retreat.
    Supported by the splendor of unspoiled nature, you will be given 
    the time and serenity to refill your creative well. 
    Beautiful Serene Setting
    Comfortable Cottages and Cabins
    3 Healthy Savory Meals Each Day
    Morning Mindfulness Sessions
    Evening Presentations & Conversations
    Afternoon Yoga Session
    Massages by Appointment
    A Time to Remember~




    Come to Lake Logan where 300 acres of wilderness becomes your studio.

    Retreat-Workshop Schedule    

    “I am delighted to consider the possibilities for this retreat + workshops. Students will be exploding with new ideas and creative concepts! During these 6 days, you will learn from your workshop instructor, but will have opportunities to expand your ideas as you get exposed to new concepts and mediums, gleaned from the interaction and conversations that take place with all participants along with after dinner presentations and conversations.  What could be better than to step out of the chaos of our overly stressed lives and be nurtured in this peaceful environment, stimulated with new teachings and given unlimited time to create, reflect and rest.”   Norma Hendrix, Executive Director, Cullowhee Arts~                                           _____________________________________________________________________________
    Workshop with Dean Nimmer 

    "Metamorphosis - Realism to Abstraction"

    Have you ever pondered the question, What is “realistic” and what is “abstract”?Professor, Dean Nimmer has some answers for you. For example, you can’t eat an apple painted by Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Cezanne, or anyone else, without getting a month full of pigment or charcoal. You can make something look real, but it’s always an illusion, i.e. an abstraction.


    Dean Nimmer, author of the 5-Star rated books, “Art from Intuition” and “Creating Abstract Art” has designed this practical workshop to help those who are longing to take the plunge into abstract painting, but are unsure how to begin.


    The objectives for this workshop are two-fold: First we will explore ways to see nature beyond her outward appearances where many abstract ideas can be found. Second, we will employ different techniques to unlock our artistic eye and develop more intuitive, emotional and dramatic abstract compositions.

    Here are the steps we will take:


    1 - Sketching observed subjects to see what possibilities they hold

    2 - Sketching visions originating in our imagination, memories and experiences

    3 - Developing, (morphing), these sketches into multifaceted mixed media drawings and paintings.

    I will work with each of you individually to achieve your personal ambitions for painting and drawing abstractly. My core philosophy is, the only thing you can do wrong in art is not make art at all.

    Dean Nimmer  Artist - Teacher - Author

    Emeritus Professor, Dean Nimmer, is the former Chair of the Painting, Printmaking programs at Mass College of Art, where he taught from 1970 to 2004. Dean was selected as the 2015, “Community Teacher of the Year” by the Massachusetts Art Education Association as well as winning the 2011 “Distinguished Alumnus Award” from the University of Wisconsin and the 2010, “Distinguished Teaching of Art Award”, given by the 16,000-member College Art Association.  Dean was nominated for the 2017, National Emeritus Professor of the Year Award given by the National Art Education Association.


    Dean Nimmer has exhibited his art in over 200 solo and group exhibitions across the US and in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Dean’s artworks are in numerous public and private collections including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, DeCordova Art Museum, Smith College Art Museum and the New York Public Library.


    •  Acrylic, gouache or watercolor paints in a range of at least 10 different tube colors (Note, we will not be using oil paints or solvents in this class)
    • An assortment of brushes, rounds and flats, that you like working with
    • 10 or so sheets of 11” x 14” watercolor or heavy mixed media paper
    • 4 pre-stretched or canvas board panels to paint or collage on
    • Pencils, charcoal, Sharpie-type markers, Conte’ etc. for sketching (whatever you like working with)
    • Simple clipboard and around 30 sheets of regular copy paper to use for a sketchbook – nothing fancy needed
    • Also bring a box of 100 pushpins, two large glue sticks and a pair of scissors

    Note: This class will provide you with some additional paper to use for the projects as well as simple dish palettes to mix color, containers for water, paper towels and other basics you needn’t bring yourself.


    Looking forward to meeting everyone! Dean Nimmer          _____________________________________________________________________________

    Workshop with Nancy Gruskin  
    "Observation, Abstraction & Inventions: Still Life and the Figure"

    Still life and the figure will be the departure point for this five-day workshop.  Students will work from direct observation, from memory, from previous work, and from external prompts.  Exercises in painting, collage, and sculpting with cardboard will focus on loosening up and on developing new approaches to subject matter and composition.  The emphasis throughout the workshop will be on experimentation and fostering individual expression.  We will end the workshop with an exhibition of our work, giving us an opportunity to learn and be inspired by the creative efforts of the group.  Artists of all skill levels are welcome


    Nancy Gruskin holds a B.A. in Art History and Studio Art from Connecticut College and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Art History from Boston University.  Her paintings emerge from everyday experience and familiar views. She looks for beauty in the commonplace by playing with color, pattern and form.  Her work is in private collections throughout the United States, the U.K. and Australia.  Her studio is located in her home, which she shares with her husband, her son and their Golden Retriever, Charlie.



    This workshop is open to artists working in water-based media.  If you’re looking to try something new, I highly recommend acrylic gouache.  It is a relatively inexpensive, opaque, water-based paint that looks and behaves much like traditional gouache, with the added bonus of being water-resistant when it dries.  As a result, you can work quickly and new layers of paint will not re-wet older layers of paint.  More information on acrylic gouache is listed below.



    Acrylic Paint/Gouache/Watercolor :  Please have the following colors on hand:

    • a cool red (Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Crimson)
    • a warm red (Cadmium Red Light)
    • a cool yellow (Cadmium Lemon Yellow)
    • a warm yellow (Cadmium Yellow Deep)
    • a cool blue (Ultramarine Blue)
    • a warm blue (Cerulean Blue)
    • one or two greens for mixing neutrals and skin tones (e.g., Cadmium Green Yellow and Cadmium Green Deep or Viridian)
    • titanium white

    • a purple for mixing grays, browns and blacks (e.g., Dioxazine Violet)
    • an orange for mixing grays, browns and blacks (e.g., Cadmium Orange)


    Acrylic Gouache There are two readily available brands of acrylic gouache paint.*  Holbein Acryla Gouache, which comes in 20 ml and 40 ml tubes, can be purchased online from Blick, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Vermont Art Supply.  Vermont Art Supply is the only source I know of that sells all of the colors in 40 ml tubes.  The other common brand is Turner Acryl Gouache, which is available online from Jerry’s Artarama.  Turner has the advantage of coming in 100 ml tubes, as well as 20 ml and 40 ml tubes.  Please bring the following colors:

    • a white (Holbein “Titanium” or Turner “White”)
    • a warm red (Holbein “Scarlet” or Turner “Permanent Scarlet”)
    • a cool red (Holbein “Crimson” or Turner “Permanent Red”)
    • a warm yellow (Holbein “Deep Yellow” or Turner “Permanent Yellow Deep”)
    • a cool yellow (Holbein “Lemon Yellow” or Turner “Permanent Lemon”)
    • a warm blue (Holbein “Cerulean Blue” or Turner “Sky Blue”)
    • a cool blue (Holbein “Ultramarine Deep” or Turner “Ultramarine”)
    • an orange (Holbein “Orange” or Turner “Permanent Orange”)
    • a purple (Holbein “Deep Violet” or Turner “Mixing Violet”)
    • one or two greens (Holbein “Light Green” or Holbein “Leaf Green” and/or Holbein “Deep Green” or “Viridian”/Tuner “Permanent Green Light” and/or Turner “Permanent Green Deep”)


    *Liquitex recently came out with a line of acrylic gouache paint.  I have not yet had a chance to try it, but it sounds quite nice!



    I recommend flats, filberts and/or brights, as well as one round (if working in acrylic gouache, you can use watercolor brushes or brushes made for acrylics/oils; nice to experiment with both).  For all media, bring large size brushes—#10s, #12s, and #16s.  Large brushes—perhaps larger than you think appropriate for the size of the painting surface—force you to simplify forms and shapes.   


    Painting Surfaces: 

    We will be painting on paper.  Watercolor paper or mixed media paper is fine for water-based media.  Watercolor paper typically comes in two surfaces—hot press (very smooth) and cold press (a toothier, rougher surface).  Fabriano makes a “soft finish” that is somewhere between hot press and cold press.  It’s really a personal preference.  I suggest bringing one pad of paper in the 11” x 14” or larger range (of at least 15 pages).  If you like to work large, feel free to bring sheets of watercolor paper, which are typically 22” x 30”and can be torn to any size.  We will also be making some collages.  I will bring (non-archival) colored construction paper for this exercise and card stock for a gluing surface.  Some students, however, prefer to bring their own hand-painted paper and/or patterned papers for collage work.  I will leave that decision up to you.


    Other Items:

    • A palette knife (if part of your current painting method)
    • Painter’s tape/drafting tape (for taping your paper to a drawing board)
    • All-purpose masking tape
    • Disposable palette paper or Reynolds freezer paper  
    • Drawing supplies: (one pencil for thumbnail sketches is sufficient)
    • Scissors
    • A bottle of white glue or a glue stick or matte medium (for collage work)
    • Paper towels


    • 5 nights lodging in a charming shared cabin or cottage with private bedroom - beautifully furnished and on the lake.
    • All meals cooked by wonderful chef - healthy and delicious.
    • Hot tea and coffee any time or day
    • 24 hour access to the studios
    • Opening reception with wine and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Optional Enrichment Sessions: morning mindfulness sessions, one afternoon soft impact yoga sessions, massages by appointment, fire circle with music, canoeing, wonderful walks
    • Workshops with dedicated, inspiring artist-instructors
    • Renewal and Refreshment among other creative spirits!
    • Transportation (we will arrange Asheville airport pick-up for 3 or more students)
    • Personal Art Supplies 
    • Wireless is available only in 3 community spaces: the dining hall, the lodge and the Studios
    • Cell service is unavailable in lodging - land lines are in each cabin and can be used with a phone card

    • A full refund is made if the event is canceled or already full at the time of registration.
    • Registrations for a retreat must be accompanied by a 50% deposit.
    • Withdraws made up to 6 weeks before the Retreat will be refunded less a registration-cancellation fee of 20% of the deposit.
    • After the 6 weeks out date, there are no refunds, but your deposit may be transferred to a friend or family member or be applied to another Cullowhee Arts program or workshop in that same calendar year.
    • The remaining balance is due six weeks prior to the retreat. You will be sent an invoice two weeks prior to the final payment due date.
    • Registrations made after the 6 weeks out date must be accompanied by payment in full.
    • We highly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance from your travel agent in the event of a medical emergency

    Retreat + Workshop (all inclusive):  $1,995 plus lab fee (specific to the workshop)
    Check payment options, then proceed to "View Cart to Check Out" (you will then be in a secure portal)
    Payment plans are available upon request - call 828-342-6913 

    Thank you for your registration!                                                                                                                                      

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