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1How does checking out with PayPal work?Multiple
2Q: Can I bring a friend/spouse or pet?Artist Workshop
3Q: Can I ship my supplies ahead of time? Shipping after workshops?Multiple
4Q: Can I take more than one workshop? Are there shorter workshops available?No Category
5Q: Do you accept personal checks?Multiple
6Q: Do you offer any discounts?Artist Workshop
7Q: I am a beginner, are any workshops appropriate for me?Multiple
8Q: Is there anyone I can speak to who can assist me in selecting the right workshop for my interests?Multiple
9Q: May I choose a meal plan?No Category
10Q: What is available on campus or nearby? Cafes or recreational centers?No Category
11Q: What is campus housing like?No Category
12Q: What is on-campus lodging like?Multiple
13Q: What is the best way to contact Cullowhee Mountain ARTS?No Category
14Q: What is your refund policy?Multiple
15Q: When should I book my flight? Where is the nearest airport? Will I need a car?Multiple
Still have questions? Contact us. We will happily assist you with selecting or registering for workshops or classes.